Subcommittee for Vitalizing Centers for Interaction

First Meeting (November 26, 2014, at Otemachi)

Presentations were given by developers on the current situation and future plans for developing business centers in Tokyo.

 Second Meeting (February 10, 2015, at Nihombashi)

Participants from audit firms talked about proposals for the financial center, and a Ministry of Justice official explained the initiative to promote the acceptance of highly skilled financial professionals. 

Third Meeting (March 25, 2015, at Kayabacho)

Past and scheduled events and conferences to accelerate business exchanges were introduced to the participants, and a TMG official delivered a presentation on a program at Tokyo Metropolitan University Business School aimed at cultivating highly skilled financial specialists.

Fourth Meeting (July 30, 2015, at Otemachi)

A report on the second meeting of the Tokyo Global Financial Center Promotion Council, held on June 29, was presented by the TMG.
Some of the initiatives and movements for realizing the Tokyo Global Financial Center were shared at the meeting.
- The Financial Services Agency gave a presentation on “Growth Strategy in the Financial Field.”
- The TMG, Mitsubishi Estate and Heiwa Real Estate gave presentations on projects to develop Tokyo’s financial street.
- The TMG introduced the Tokyo One-Stop Business Establishment Center, which helps foreign companies in promptly
 completing various filing procedures required when starting a business.

Fifth Meeting (March 28, 2016, at Otemachi)

The main topic was about “Fintech” which currently attracts attention globally. The meeting was held at “FINOLAB” which was opened this February as Japan’s fintech incubation space.

The contents of the meeting are as follows;
- Opening speech was given by Mr. T. Umemura, Senior Director for Planning , Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
- The explanation about “Fintech” was given by Mr. T. Taki, Director of Board, Money Forward, Inc.
- FSA’s initiatives to vitalize “Fintech” were explained by Mr. J. Kanda, Director, Financial Services Agency.
- Panel discussion was conducted. Its theme was “FINOLAB’s initiatives” focusing on the meaning of real place and
 supporting function for Fintech startups.
  Mr. T. Taki, Director of Board, Money Forward, Inc.
  Mr. K. Ota, Deputy General Manager, Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd.
  Mr. T. Hoshikawa, Founder & CEO, Crowd Cast, Ltd.
  Ms. C. Ito, Manager, Information Services International-Dentsu, Ltd.
  Mr. T. Hasumura, Planning Manager, Dentsu Inc

Sixth Meeting (May 30, 2016, at Kayabacho)

The main topic was about “Fintech” as same as the previous meeting. Especially “Invest Management Fintech” was focused on this time. The meeting was held at “FinGATE” which opened this March as Japan’s Fintech incubation space. 

The contents of the meeting were as follows;
- FSA’s recent initiatives regarding “Fintech” were explained by Mr. H. Kume, Deputy Director, Financial Services Agency.
- The presentation about “Initiatives to support invest management venture companies” was given by Mr. E.
 Manager, Heiwa Real Estate Co.,Ltd.

- The presentation about “Introduction of invest management Business” was given by Mr. H. Fujino, President and
 Representative Director, Rheos Capital Works Incorporated
- The presentation about “Invest management business’s vision brought by Fintech” was given by Mr. K. Shibayama,
 Founder&CEO, WealthNavi Inc.

- Panel discussion was conducted. The theme was “Functions necessary for supporting invest management business”
 focusing on how to deepen exchanges between “Fin” and “Tech”.

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