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Capital Functions Relocation is not convenient, not fruitful, and certainly not rewarding! 

Capital City Research ,

Headquarters of Governor of Tokyo ,

Tokyo Metropolitan Government(TMG)  

Basic Position of Tokyo Metropolitan Government on the proposed relocation of Japan s Capital out of Tokyo  

The National Diet has pushed through the Capital Relocation Plan* since 1990 in order to correct the uni-polar concentration of activities in Tokyo where traffic congestion, a shortage of affordable housing, and various other serious urban problems were spawned.


However, TMG remains opposed to this project. The reason is that the socioeconomic situation has changed dramatically compared to 1990 and so it is certainly not necessary at all.

Rather, it will offer more realistic and effective options to the solution of Tokyo s problem to decentralize the power and to disperse the national government administrative organs etc. to areas adjacent to Tokyo. 

Although Tokyo has still shortcomings as an international city, it is a safe city that has a convenient public transportation network and offers a full range of arts and culture.

Our government is committed to making Tokyo into an even more appealing international city without the Capital Relocation Project.  

 *Capital Relocation Plan  

The Capital Relocation implies relocating the National Diet, Central administrative functions, and the Supreme Court outside the Tokyo Metropolitan  Region(Tokyo Metropolis, Kanagawa Prefecture, Chiba Prefecture, and Saitama Prefecture).

The Diet will enact an act to designate the relocation site after considering the Status of formulating national agreement, Socioeconomic situation, and Comparison with Tokyo Metropolis.