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The Action Plan for 2020

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In December 2016, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government formulated a new comprehensive four-year plan called "New Tokyo. New Tomorrow. The Action Plan for 2020," which covers the period from FY2017 through FY2020.
Simplified versions of this plan have been prepared in Japanese and English,and are available at information corners in the Tokyo Metropolitan Government office in Shinjuku.

The New Tokyo

  1. A Tokyo where all can live with peace of mind, hold hopes and lead active lives.
  2. A sustainable Tokyo that continues to generate growth.
  3. A Tokyo that shines throughout the world as the engine driving Japan's growth.
Safe City
 Safe City

We will protect the lives and assets of the Tokyo residents from all kinds of disasters, and build a dynamic and bustling Tokyo.

Diverse City
Diverse City

We will create a Tokyo that embraces diversity and is full of kindness and warmth,where everyone can lead vibrant lives and be active in society.

Smart City
Smart City

As a global megacity and Japan's capital and engine driving the economy, we will create a sustainable Tokyo that can solve the challenges facing the megalopolis and continue growing to emerge victorious in the international competition among cities.

New Tokyo. New Tomorrow. The action Plan for 2020 (simplified version)
(PDF :6.07MB)