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In preparation for formulation of Tokyo's long-term strategy, we have recently released "Discussion Points for Tokyo in the Future: What investments are needed now?" In order to hear a wide range of views to help us formulate our long-term strategy, we are now calling out to the residents of Tokyo to submit their comments on its content.

Among those who submitted their comments, the winners of a drawing (about 10 people) will be sent a wonderful prize. The details of the prize will be made public at a later date. (The delivery of the prize to winners will constitute a notification of the result of the draw.)

Reference document

Discussion Points for Tokyo in the Future: What investments are needed now?


2. Submission eligibility

People residing, working, or studying in Tokyo.


3. Submission period

From Thursday, August 22 through Thursday, October 31, 2019


4. Comments requested

Three questions form the basis for comments.
For details, please refer to the following response form or questionnaire.

- What do you forward to seeing as a legacy of the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 that is handed down to following generations?
- What kind of city would you like Tokyo to be around 2040, 20 years from now.
- Tell us about your dreams or ideas concerning Tokyo in the future. (Free form)


5. How to submit

Please submit the form over the internet.

  • Complete and submit the following response form.


    6. Please note

    1. Comments made in any manner other than the way noted in "5. How to submit," such as over the telephone or through a meeting with a Tokyo Metropolitan Government staff member, will not be accepted.
    2. No individual response will be made to comments submitted.
    3. No answers will be given concerning receipt of the questionnaire or results of the drawing.
    4. Only one questionnaire can be submitted per person.


    7. Publication of submitted comments

    1. The submitted comments will be made public in a manner that will not disclose who the submitter is.    
    2. Please note that the submitted comments may be summarized when made public.

    8. Other

    1. Information provided through this questionnaire will be properly managed under the Tokyo Metropolitan ordinance on protection of personal information.