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TOKYO Resilience Project

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The "TOKYO Resilience Project" has been formulated.

In December 2022, we formulated the "Tokyo Resilience Project" with the aim of realizing a strong and sustainable city.


Tokyo is strengthening its "disaster preparedness" to become a safe and resilient international city. This pamphlet and video introduces Tokyo's disaster preparedness with a focus on wind and flood countermeasures, a theme common to the entire world.

  • Pamphlet(Digital Book)
  • Video(You will be redirected to the official video channel)
  • TOKYO Resilience Project(Dec.2022)
    The "TOKYO Resilience Project" aims to ensure the safety and security of its residents against five risks: windstorms, floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, power and communication disruptions, infectious diseases.

  • TOKYO Resilience Project(PDF :8.3 MB)

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