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Tokyo 2020 Games Wrap-up (September 17, 2021)

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Tokyo 2020 Games Wrap-up (September 17, 2021)

1) Materials: 3 pages (PDF:738KB)

2) Commentary: 2 pages (PDF:148KB)

  • Amid challenging circumstances, the Tokyo 2020 Games provided a stage for athletes to gather from around the world and give their best performances, bringing courage and hope to people everywhere./li>
  • The positivity rate for athletes and Games stakeholders traveling from overseas was lower than initially projected.
  • The effective reproductive number in Tokyo peaked on July 22nd, the day prior to the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, and consistently decreased during the Games.

Taking the opportunity presented by the Games, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government has advanced initiatives with a view to the legacy beyond the Games, in order to achieve greater evolution as a mature city. We have compiled the multifaceted initiatives, both structural and non-structural, taken for the Games, which will go on to create the post-Games legacy, into an easy-to-read booklet titled "Building the Legacy --Beyond 2020-- ."

Tokyo 2020 Games Wrap-up1

Tokyo 2020 Games Wrap-up2

Tokyo 2020 Games Wrap-up3

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