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TMC Yurakucho

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TMC Yurakucho

Photographs and video documenting TMC Yurakucho and press events hosted by the TMC.

1. TMC Yurakcho

2. Press events hosted by the TMC

Please check out our daily blog covering the latest at TMC Yurakucho.

1. TMC Yurakucho

Exterior of the building

TMC Yurakucho1

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TMC Yurakucho2

TMC Yurakucho3

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TMC Yurakucho4

TMC Yurakucho5

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TMC Yurakucho6

TMC Yurakucho7

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Information Desk

TMC Yurakucho8

TMC Yurakucho9

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Drink Counter

TMC Yurakucho10

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Japan Showcase

TMC Yurakucho11

TMC Yurakucho12

TMC Yurakucho13

TMC Yurakucho14

TMC Yurakucho15

TMC Yurakucho16

TMC Yurakucho17

Japan Showcase: sharing the charms of Japan's regions (September 3, 2021)

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Japanese Liquors Booth

TMC Yurakucho18

TMC Yurakucho19

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Physical treatment

TMC Yurakucho20

TMC Yurakucho21

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Life-size panels of Para athletes drawn by popular manga artists

TMC Yurakucho22

TMC Yurakucho23

TMC Yurakucho24

Europe's largest public broadcaster interviews Para athlete (September 4, 2021)

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Displays of the 22 Para sports

TMC Yurakucho25

TMC Yurakucho26

TMC Yurakucho27

Allow us to introduce the new and improved TMC Yurakucho (Part 1) (August 25, 2021)

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Displays of Para sports equipment

TMC Yurakucho28

TMC Yurakucho29

TMC Yurakucho30

Allow us to introduce the new and improved TMC Yurakucho (Part 3) (August 28, 2021)

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Hand stamp art

TMC Yurakucho31

TMC Yurakucho32

A close-up on hand stamp art conveying Tokyo's diversity and inclusion (August 31, 2021)

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Displays of human rights policies

TMC Yurakucho33

TMC Yurakucho34

TMC Yurakucho35

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Materials related to diversity and inclusion

TMC Yurakucho36

TMC Yurakucho37

TMC Yurakucho38

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Panels on recovery and reconstruction and wooden bench from Fukushima

TMC Yurakucho39

TMC Yurakucho40

Initiatives Supporting Recovery and Reconstruction at TMC Yurakucho (August 30, 2021)

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Tokyo: Traditional Culture Corner

TMC Yurakucho41

TMC Yurakucho42

"Tokyo: Traditional Culture Corner," the most popular spot for filming at TMC Yurakucho (August 29, 2021)

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2. Press events hosted by the TMC

Governor' s visit to the Tokyo Media Center on July 19

TMC Yurakucho43

TMC Yurakucho44

TMC Yurakucho45

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Tokyo Media Center facility tour on July 20

TMC Yurakucho46

TMC Yurakucho47

TMC Yurakucho48

TMC Yurakucho49

TMC Yurakucho50

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Governor' s visit to the Tokyo Media Center on July 24

TMC Yurakucho51

TMC Yurakucho52

TMC Yurakucho53

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Boat tour held on August 23

TMC Yurakucho54

TMC Yurakucho55

TMC Yurakucho56

TMC Yurakucho57

TMC Yurakucho58

Boat tour held on Aug. 23 along with re-opening of the TMC (August 24, 2021)

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Para sports experience program NO LIMITS CHALLENGE held on August 27

TMC Yurakucho59

TMC Yurakucho60

TMC Yurakucho61

TMC Yurakucho62

TMC Yurakucho63

Experience Para sports at TMC Yurakucho (August 27, 2021)
No Limits Challenge, a Paralympics experience (September 1, 2021)