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Basic Strategy for City Diplomacy

With the aim to clarify Tokyo's basic stance and policy direction on city diplomacy, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) compiled Tokyo's Basic Strategy for City Diplomacy in December 2014. This strategy is expected to play a key role in achieving the goals of the TMG set forth in the Long-Term Vision for Tokyo. In order to successfully deliver the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games and implement policies that will make Tokyo the world's best city, which will directly benefit the lives of Tokyo's residents, the TMG is actively promoting city diplomacy based on the following goals and key principles.

City-to-City Diplomacy

Tokyo is engaged in a wide range of sports, cultural and environment- related exchanges with its 12 sister and friendship city/states . Going forward, Tokyo will advance its city-to-city diplomacy beyond the framework of current friendship cities and strategically select cities with which to build cooperative relationships.

Multilateral City Diplomacy

Tokyo is advancing practical cooperation projects among cities of the world.This will contribute to resolving challenges faced by the major cities of the world and promote collaboration and exchange among them.

Cooperation with Embassies and Representative Offices in Tokyo

In Tokyo there are currently about 160 embassies and representative offices of countries and regions around the world. The Tokyo government engages in various activities to build ties and strengthen relationships with them.

"WHAT'S UP" Email Newsletter

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government regularly issues an English email newsletter, which is sent to major cities abroad and embassies and representative offices in Tokyo, to widely introduce Tokyo's advanced policies and initiatives, as well as the city's natural and cultural attractions, to people around the world.


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