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Asset Managers & FinTech Companies Registration Guidebook

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Asset Managers & FinTech Companies Registration Guidebook

Tokyo Metropolitan Government compiled the English guidebook with the cooperation of the Financial Services Agency in order to support foreign Asset Managers to enter the Japanese market.

The guidebook has been renewed in light of changes in the international financial environment. The guidebook introduces the attractiveness of Tokyo as a financial market and support measures for asset management companies and FinTech companies, as well as gives easy-to-understand explanations of Japanese financial laws and regulations, business registration procedures, etc.

Click below to download the Guidebook (PDF 3.46MB)
Asset Managers & FinTech Companies Registration Guidebook

For the registration procedure for investment management business and other Financial Instruments Businesses, please also refer to the Financial Services Agency's the Financial Services Agency's Guidebook for Registration of Investment Management Business and Other Financial Instruments Businesses.

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