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Governor Koike meets with Lord Mayor of the City of London

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Governor Koike meets with Lord Mayor of the City of London

On Thursday, February 14, 2019, Governor Koike met with Alderman Peter Estlin, the 691st Lord Mayor of the City of London at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG).
During their meeting, Governor Koike said, "On my visit to London in October of last year, I was able to hold activities promoting the appeal of Global Financial City: Tokyo. As a part of cooperation between Tokyo and the City of London, we are sending a TMG official to the City for a learning opportunity and we are now in the midst of those preparations. Your continued support will be highly appreciated."
Lord Mayor Estlin replied, "This is the first time something like this has been done. It is a pioneering activity, and I am extremely pleased that we are able to be pioneers with Tokyo."

▲Lord Mayor and Governor

Following this meeting, Governor Koike, Lord Mayor Estlin, UK finance industry groups, Japan's Financial Services Agency, Japanese finance industry groups, and others held discussions on revitalization of the asset management sector for realizing Global Financial City: Tokyo.
Governor Koike stated, "The asset management industry will play an incredibly large role in the realization of Global Financial City: Tokyo. How can the assets of Tokyo's citizens be handled to produce gains? I anticipate that London and Tokyo's cooperation will generate more possibilities and choices." The governor then introduced various TMG projects that focus on the asset management industry and said, "Tokyo will thoroughly study the City of London's experiences, global perspectives and more to revitalize the asset management industry in Tokyo."
Lord Mayor Estlin responded indicating that he looked forward to developing collaboration between the two cities. Along with expressing his interest in supporting Tokyo's aspirations to become a global financial city, he also explained that London has rapidly promoted a variety of financial services and offered to share lessons learned from London's successes and failures.

▲Discussion with Lord Mayor