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Contributing to solving social issues through finance

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The Tokyo Metropolitan Government is working to support the sound growth and development of the Tokyo market and realize a city that solves social issues through finance.

Tokyo Financial Award

The Tokyo Financial Award is comprised of the Financial Innovation Category, which recognizes financial companies that develop and provide innovative financial instruments and services that help meet the needs of Tokyo residents, and the ESG Investment Category, which recognizes financial companies who are contributing to the spread of ESG investment.

The Tokyo ESG Fund

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has selected the fund management company that is aiming to establish the Tokyo ESG Fund that will make diversified-invest in renewable energy power generation facilities in Japan, which support business that making a significant contribution to society.

Sustainable finance initiatives

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government is making the following efforts to promote the shift to sustainable finance such as ESG investment.

Joining FC4S

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government joined the International Network of Financial Centres for Sustainability (FC4S)* in June 2019.

Tokyo will exchange information and collaborate with other financial centers to further promote sustainable finance initiatives through participation in the FC4S assessment program (reporting on sustainable finance initiatives) and attending the annual general meeting etc.

*Operated by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

Green Finance Seminar

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government organizes the Green Finance Seminar in cooperation with the City of London Corporation, which lies at the heart of London's financial functions, based on the Memorandum of Understanding on exchanges and collaboration between The City of London Corporation and Tokyo Metropolitan Government signed in December 2017. (For an overview of past green finance seminars, see the "Exchanges and Collaboration with the City of London Corporation" page)

Tokyo Sustainable Finance Week

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government held "Tokyo Sustainable Finance Week." It aim to promote ESG investing and sustainable finance and to develop Tokyo's presence in these fields which contribute to the development of a sustainable city.

Corporate Governance of the Year

The Tokyo Metrolpolitan Government supports the Japan Association of Corporate Directors' Corporate Governance of the Year® as an initiative to ensure the Japan's Corporate Governance Code, and presents the Tokyo Governor Prize.