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Subsidy to Support Base of Operations of Overseas Financial Corporations

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Subsidy to Support Base of Operations of Overseas Financial Corporations

To support expansion of Overseas Financial Corporations*1, this program grants to Japanese Corporations, etc*2. of Overseas Financial Corporations that have just been established*3 in Tokyo to cover a part of costs necessary for promotion of growth of business, etc.
*1 Corporations established based on foreign laws that operate asset management businesses or FinTech businesses
*2Japanese corporations or branch offices that were established by Overseas Financial Corporations
*3 Established in Tokyo by Overseas Financial Corporations in the previous or the second preceding fiscal year of the fiscal year when the application for the subsidy is submitted.

Expenses Eligible for Subsidy

(1) Office rents
Rents of office located in Tokyo that are necessary for operation of main business.
(2) Consulting fees for experts, etc.
Fees and expenses paid when parties obtain advice or receive guidance from external experts, etc. through consultation regarding knowledge or coping methods necessary for their growth or problem solution in the course of operation of the main business.
(3) Purchase costs of equipment and fixtures, etc.
Purchase costs of equipment and fixtures such as desks, chairs, personal computers, office equipment and software that function by itself, are installed and used at the office in Tokyo and are necessary to carry out main business.

Maximum amount of subsidy

Points to Note

•The applicant should first consult with Business Development Center TOKYO, then engage in advanced consultation with the Metropolitan Tokyo Government.(by 30 November 2022)
•Subsidy application(by 31 January 2023)
•The subsidized party must continue business operations in Tokyo until the end of the following two fiscal years after the end of the fiscal year when the decision to grant subsidy was made.
•Note that upon receiving the subsidy, the company name, contents of subsidy, and other information pertaining to the subsidized party may be disclosed.

Please refer to the following materials for details of other points to note

Please use the following form to apply for subsidy.

Please note that only Japanese version of Application Forms are accepted. Please use English version as a reference.