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Overseas Financial Corporation Business Establishment Subsidy Program

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Overseas Financial Corporation Business Establishment Subsidy Program

In order to put active effort into attracting overseas financial corporations*1 to Tokyo, this program grants subsidies to overseas financial corporations to cover a part of the costs incurred, such as the cost of recruiting personnel, in establishing new business operations (Japanese corporations, etc*2) in Tokyo.
*1 Corporations engaged in asset management businesses or FinTech businesses, established based on foreign laws
*2 Refers to Japanese corporations or Japanese branch offices established by overseas financial corporations. Special zone for Asian Headquarters Establishment subsidy program ended on 31st March,2017

Expenses eligible for subsidy

(1) Fees incurred in consultation with experts
 Fees paid to experts (lawyers, administrative scriveners, tax accountants, licensed social insurance consultants, etc.) for services such as registration and acquisition of license for engaging in the financial instruments business, and consultation on legal and tax matters.
(2) Personnel recruitment costs
 Fees paid to fee-charging employment placement business providers.
(3) Office initial costs
 Costs to be paid when moving into an office.

Maximum amount of subsidy

Points to Note

•Before determining plans to establish business operations, the applicant should first consult with Business Development Center Tokyo, then engage in advanced consultation with the Metropolitan Tokyo Government.
•The establishment of business operations is assessed comprehensively based on the status of registration, the relevant application procedures, etc.
•Until the end of the following two fiscal years after the end of the fiscal year of the establishment of business operations, the subsidized party must ensure the continuation of business operations.
•Note that upon receiving the subsidy, the company name, contents of subsidy, and other information pertaining to the subsidized party may be disclosed.

Please refer to the following materials for details of other points to note.

Please use the following form to apply for subsidy.

Please note that only Japanese version of Application Forms (2-8) are accepted. Please use English version as a reference.