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Subsidy to Support Overseas Financial Corporations in Priority Fields(Green Finance Subsidy Program for Tokyo Market Entry)

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Subsidy to Support Overseas Financial Corporations in Priority Fields(Green Finance Subsidy Program for Tokyo Market Entry)

Program Overview

This program provides "Entry Support Program" and "subsidy" to Overseas Financial corporations* engaged in green finance to support their expansion in Tokyo.

*A legal corporation established under foreign laws that engages in Asset Management Operating Business or FinTech Business.

Entry Support Program

1.Public Relations Activities : Plan and implement effective public relations activities in Tokyo.
2.Consulting : Provide professional advice and consulting that will help establish business in Tokyo.
3.Business matching : Select companies in Tokyo as candidates for R & D, manufacturing, sales partners, etc., set up interviews, and support matching with companies in Tokyo.
4.Financial license registration support : Provide information and support required for the registration of a license for financial instruments business, etc.

Expenses Eligible for the Subsidy

Expenses eligible for this subsidy are as follows.
1.Personnel expenses : The basic salary and bonus payable to full-time employees necessary for the performance of the principal business.
2.Personnel recruitment costs : Expenses paid to fee-charging employment placement business providers.
3.Office rents : Rent of an office in Tokyo, necessary for the performance of the main business.
4.Expenses for purchasing furniture and fixtures : Expenses for the purchase of desks, chairs, PCs, office machines, software, etc. to be installed and used in offices in Tokyo, which are necessary for the performance of the main business, and furniture and fixtures which function as a single unit.
5.Consulting expenses for specialized agencies, etc. : Costs for obtaining license registration for financial instruments business, etc., and consulting expenses for attorneys, administrative scriveners, tax accountants, social insurance and labor consultants, etc., in relation to legal affairs and taxation, etc., costs for preparing and submitting materials, etc.

Amount of Subsidy



・The recipient of this subsidy is required to continue the business for five years after the end of the fiscal year to which the grant decision belongs.
・By receiving this subsidy, the company name and details of the subsidy may be announced.

・Please refer to the following documents for details of other precautions.
FY2023 Application Guideline (PDF:841KB)
FY2023 Grant Outline(PDF:594KB)

How to Apply

Application Period
May 18(Thu) - July 14(Fri), 23:59 (Japan Time)

FY2023 Application Documents
Form 1 Application Form(Word:33KB)
Form 2 Business Plan(Overseas Corporation)(Word:44KB)
Form 2 Business Plan(Japanese Corporation)(Word:41KB)
Form 3 Pledge(Word:18KB)

Please fill in all 3 forms and send to