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Project for Temporary Office Allocation for Foreign Financial Companies and Human Resources

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Project for Temporary Office Allocation for Foreign Financial Companies and Human Resources

In light of recent international situations, Tokyo Metropolitan Government supports foreign financial companies*1and human resources skilled in finance *2 mainly in Asia to establish their operations in Tokyo by reducing the burden of using offices during their temporary stay in Tokyo to conduct preliminary surveys as a prerequisite for moving to Tokyo.

*1 Asset managers and Fintech companies established under foreign law
*2 Individuals employed or outsourced to foreign financial companies


Eligible expenses

(1)Office Rent
Payment for rent, service charges, facility usage fees, common service charges and other considerations for the usage of office spaces.
(2)Initial Costs
Admission fees, security card fees, restoration fees and other expenses that must be paid for moving in, and are not refundable to overseas financial corporations and human resources.
(*Expenses that are returned to the resident when moving out (such as the security deposit) are not covered.)

Maximum amount and period

(1)Office Rent
Actual costs will be exempted for up to 300,000 yen per month, up to 3 months.
(2)Initial Costs
Actual costs will be exempted for up to 200,000 yen regardless of the contract period.

Certified Office Operators(Alphabetical order)

The Executive Centre Japan KK
Heiwa Real Estate Co., Ltd.
Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd.
Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd.
MORI Building Co., Ltd.
Servcorp Japan K.K.
Tokyo Tatemono Co., Ltd
WeWork Japan GK
Please see the linked pages and the following Map for available offices, contact information and other details

Office Map

How to Use

・Please refer to the "Foreign financial companies and human resources individuals usage guide" (available in English) and submit the required documents to the certified office operator.
・Introduction to these offices will also be offered at Business Development Center Tokyo and the Hong Kong Office by TMG.

Please refer to the following materials for details of other points to note.
>UsageGuide (PDF:527KB)
Please use the following form to apply for the support.
>Appllication Form1(Word:21.0 KB)
>Checklist(PDF:639.6 KB)