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Tokyo Asset Management Forum in 2018

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Tokyo Asset Management Forum in 2018

About 200 people participated in the Tokyo Asset Management Forum held on November 21, 2018. At the seminar, we held keynote speech by the Nuveen, the United Managers Japan Inc., the Financial Services Agency and panel discussions by domestic and overseas panelists and presentation by 16 asset management companies. For more details, please see the leaflet below.

1 Program
  ・Opening Remarks
   Revitalizing asset management sector in Tokyo

  ・Keynote Speech1
   Nuveen TIAA:Multi-Affiliate Model and Business Strategy

  ・Keynote Speech2
   The role of platformer in EMP

  ・Panel Discussion
   Toward promotion of introducing EMP in Tokyo

  ・Keynote Speech3
   Realization of stable asset formation for households to create a dynamic capitalmarket

  ・Presentation by asset management companies (Overview by each company)

2 leaflet(PDF:804KB)

3 Summary(PDF:417KB)