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Promotion of start-up strategy

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1. TMG's start-up strategy「Global Innovation with STARTUPS」

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) formulated the "Global Innovation with STARTUPS" strategy in November 2022.
PDF:[Global Innovation with STARTUPS]Full version(PDF :6.45 MB)
PDF:[Global Innovation with STARTUPS]Summary version(PDF :727 KB)

2. Initiatives

Support for drug discovery open innovation

We support open innovation through industry-academia-government collaboration by leveraging the strengths of Tokyo, where pharmaceutical companies, support organizations, and investors are concentrated.

King Salmon Project

We aim to establish a cycle of producing start-up companies that dominate the world, and to grow Tokyo and solve social issues through cutting-edge businesses (innovation). For details, please refer to the special site (link to an external site) .

3. Contact

You can send us your opinions from the request form.