Basic Strategy for City Diplomacy


Policy for Promotion of the Global City Strategy

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government aims to build upon the legacy of the Tokyo 2020 Games and have Tokyo become the world's city of choice--a city that can pick up on and agilely respond to global trends such as digital transformation, the shift to zero carbon, and heightening awareness of social inclusion.
Initiatives to raise Tokyo's international presence are essential to achieving this goal. Policy for government-wide implementation of such initiatives was compiled in June 2022 as Policy for Promotion of the Global City Strategy.

Basic Strategy for City Diplomacy

With the aim to clarify Tokyo's basic stance and policy direction on city diplomacy, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) compiled Tokyo's Basic Strategy for City Diplomacy in December 2014.
Based on this strategy, the TMG is seizing diverse opportunities to promote practical and substantive cooperation, including city-to-city diplomacy for exchange and cooperation with friendship/sister cities and other cities/states and multilateral city diplomacy pursued through international networks and participation in international conferences.