City-to-City Diplomacy




Tokyo is engaged in a wide range of sports, cultural and environment- related exchanges with its 12 sister and friendship city/states .
Going forward, Tokyo will advance its city-to-city diplomacy beyond the framework of current friendship cities and strategically select cities with which to build cooperative relationships.



Visitors to the Governor

Leaders of world cities, ambassadors, and other people who have ties with Tokyo in various fields visit the Governor.

Governor's overseas visit

To deepen collaboration with sister and friendship cities and other cities, the Governor makes official visits to overseas. For details, please see the Governor's Corner section of the TMG website.

Messages from the Governor

Messages from the Governor to Tokyo's sister and friendship cities and other cities can be seen here.


Signing of agreements

The TMG has signed agreements with sister and friendship cities and other cities concerning specific areas of exchange and cooperation. For the list of cities and agreements, please click on this link (List of Agreements).