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TMG Disaster Management Seminar 2022

The TMG Disaster Management Seminar was held for officers in charge of disaster management at embassies and representative offices located in Tokyo, with the aim to strengthen cooperation for aiding foreign nationals in times of disaster. Information such as measures Tokyo will take at the onset of an emergency, where to collect multilingual information, and rescue and relief in the event of a disaster, was shared.

Seminar schedule

■Date: Wednesday, June 29, 2022

■Participants: 70 participants from 53 embassies and representative offices


Opening Ceremony

 (1) Serving as the Contact Point for Embassies and Representative Offices in Tokyo
International Affairs Division, Office of the Governor for Policy Planning, TMG
 (2) New Damage Prediction for Tokyo -Predicted Damages from an Earthquake Directly Below Tokyo-
Disaster Prevention Division, Bureau of General Affairs, TMG
 (3) Earthquake Preparedness of the Tokyo Fire Department (TFD)
Earthquake Preparedness Section, Disaster Preparedness Division, Tokyo Fire Department
 (4) Multilingual Safety and Security Information
Global Strategy Division, NHK WORLD Department
 (5) Presentation "Saving a life with an AED" and first-aid training workshops
The AED Foundation of Japan

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