Second TMG Disaster Management Seminar for FY 2022


The TMG Disaster Management Seminar was held for officers in charge of disaster management at embassies and representative offices located in Tokyo, with the aim to strengthen cooperation for aiding foreign nationals in times of disaster. Information such as measures Tokyo will take at the onset of an emergency, where to collect multilingual information, and rescue and relief in the event of a disaster, was shared.


The schedule for the seminar


■Date:Tuesday, January 31 2023

■Host:TMG and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan (Co-host)

■Participant:92 participants from 71 embassies and representative offices


20230131_01.jpg 20230131_02.jpg

Opening Ceremony

 (1) Serving as the Contact Point for Embassies and Representative Offices in Tokyo
International Affairs Division, Office of the Governor for Policy Planning, TMG
 (2) Planned Response in Case of Disasters
Foreign Nationals' Affairs Division, Consular Affairs Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan
 (3) Initiatives related to disaster prevention for foreign residents
Citizens' Affairs Division, Bureau of Citizens, Culture and Sports, TMG
 (4) Disaster Prevention Measures by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Disaster Prevention Division, Bureau of General Affairs, TMG
 (5) Providing multilingual information in times of disaster
Industry and Community Promotion Support Department, Minato City
 (6) MOFA's Assistance to Foreign Missions with regard to disaster reduction and response
Protocol Office, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan
 (7) On Acceptance of Assistance from Overseas in Case of Large-Scale Disasters
Aid Policy and Management Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan
 (8) Providing information to foreign travelers to Japan in the event of disasters
Japan Tourism Agency