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Crisis Management Conference 2018 (New Taipei)

Crisis Management Conference 2018 was held in New Taipei by the Network for Crisis Management. About 400 experts and observers from 10 cities gathered to participate in the conference, with the theme of "Improving Comprehensive Disaster Management Capability."

■Date:October 18-19, 2018

■Location:Caesar Park Hotel Banqiao and others

■Participating cities:10 cities (about 400 participants)
Host City: New Taipei
Participating Cities: Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Seoul, Singapore, Taipei, Ulaanbaatar, Tokyo(the organizing city), Brussels

■Theme:"Improving Comprehensive Disaster Management Capability"


Day 1 (Thursday, october 18, 2018)

Opening Ceremony:
1. Congratulatory Remark: Mr. Eric Liluan Chu, Mayor of New Taipei City
2. Congratulatory Remark: Mr. Wen-lung Chen, Director General, National Fire Agency, Ministry of the Interior
3. Keynote Speech: Mr.Tang Feng (Audrey Tang), Minister without Portfolio of Executive Yuan(R.O.C)

Presentations by Participating Cities:
Session 1:
1. Introduction to Disaster Prevention and Rescue in New Taipei City -Practical, Integral and Foresighted Perspectives (New Taipei)
2. Initiatives for Utilizing Big Data and AI in Times of Large-Scale Disaster (Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department)
3. Fire Safety Equipment Real-Time Monitoring System of Seoul (Seoul)
4. Jakarta Disaster First Responder Citizen (Jakarta)

Session 2:
1. A Safety-Based Sustainable City-Disaster Prevention Experience Sharing of Taipei City (Taipei)
2. Community Preparedness in Reducing the Impact of Disaster Risk Reduction in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)
3. OPLAN METRO YAKAL PLUS: The Metro Manila Contingency Plan (Manila)
4. The Order of the Rescue Operations (Ulaanbaatar)

Session 3:
1. Occupational Cancer Among Firefighters (Brussels)
2. Tokyo Fire Department's Professionalism: Preparing for Earthquakes (Tokyo Fire Department)
3. Crisis Management System in Tokyo (Disaster Prevention Division, TMG)

Annual Report from Secretariat
Announcing Next Host City
Address by Next Host City
Closing Remarks

Day 2 (Friday, October 19, 2018)

Site Visits:
119 Emergency and Rescue Command Center
Emergency Response Command Academy (ERCA)

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