Tokyo's City Diplomacy

International Measures Taken by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and Tokyo Municipalities

Tokyo Metropolitan Government (as of end of March 2017)

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I Expanding Global Networks

  1. International Exchange
  2. Various International Exchange Initiatives
  3. International Cooperation
  4. International Conferences and City-to-City Networking

II Building a Dynamic and Attractive City

  1. Infrastructure
  2. Economy and Labor
  3. Tourism, city scape and Culture

IV Building Global Minds

  1. Health
  2. Daily Life
  3. Disaster Preparedness, Crime Prevention, Traffic Safety, Firefighting and Emergency Services

IV Building Global Minds

  1. School Education
  2. International-minded Citizens

V Policies for Internationalization

  1. Involving Foreign Residents
  2. Supporting and Partnering With Private Sector Organizations
  3. Partnering With Municipalities
  4. Promoting International Policies and Training Personnel

VI Lobbying the National Government

  1. Appeals to the National Government


    List of Public Relations Materials in Foreign Languages

Tokyo Municipalities (as of end of March 2017)


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